This is Going to Hurt - Adam Kay

This is Going to Hurt

By Adam Kay

  • Release Date: 2017-09-07
  • Genre: Biography
Score: 5
From 563 Ratings


‘Painfully funny. The pain and the funniness somehow add up to something entirely good, entirely noble and entirely loveable.' - Stephen Fry

Winner of the Books Are My Bag Non-Fiction Book of the Year
Winner of the Books Are My Bag Readers' Choice Award
Winner of Blackwell's Debut Book of the Year
Winner of iBooks' Book of the Year

Welcome to 97-hour weeks. Welcome to life and death decisions. Welcome to a constant tsunami of bodily fluids. Welcome to earning less than the hospital parking meter. Wave goodbye to your friends and relationships . . .

Welcome to the life of a junior doctor.

Scribbled in secret after endless days, sleepless nights and missed weekends, comedian and former junior doctor Adam Kay’s This Is Going to Hurt provides a no-holds-barred account of his time on the NHS front line. Hilarious, horrifying and heartbreaking by turns, these diaries are everything you wanted to know – and more than a few things you didn't – about life on and off the hospital ward. And yes, it may leave a scar.


  • Simply stunning

    By gjay545
    From page 1 I was engrossed in Kay’s witty humour and sobering reflections from his medical career. I would implore you to read this not only for the pleasure, but also to consolidate why we must fight to protect our nation health service.
  • This is going to hurt

    By Readhouse
    Funny and poignant, an excellent read
  • Must read

    By Tempo473
    Cracking read, couldn’t put it down!
  • A genuinely amazing read.

    By Nath437
    From start to finish, I could not put it down!
  • Amazing insight

    By LilyBritton
    A must read. Gives such insight to the system that benefits so many people in the UK. Makes you grateful for all those who dedicate their lives to the NHS, and sympathise with those who reach maximum capacity.
  • NHS Frontline

    By sudohnim
    If you’re unsure of the politics & spin around the NHS, this book doesn’t sugar coat the frontline. I work in Primary Care but spent many years working in hospital. I’ve cajoled, consoled, supported and argued with many many junior Drs. His respect for the patient, their story & the teams around him is real & heartbreaking in equal measure. But sadly, when you’re done, you’re done. This is what the politicians and stress of working in the over-stretched NHS does to individuals. They turn away for a new, less rewarding, but less stressful career & that’s a bloody shame!
  • I was in tears with both laughter and sadness

    By Samiranjoy90
    I think everyone should read this book to, such an eye opener about our expectations as patients on the nhs staff
  • A must read

    By esmejayne
    Made me laugh and cry, a great read
  • S.O.S. N.H.S.

    By NaughtyKeith
    Can someone give me Jeremy Hunt’s address, as I would like to personally deliver this book to him, tie him to a chair until he’s read every single word? The NHS equivalent of a frontline soldier in the trenches of the Somme, screaming at the Generals to witness the slaughter first hand.
  • Recommend to everyone

    By Clairefin
    I found this book through Russell Howards TV programme and can honestly say its my favourite book. I’m currently studying as a student nurse so thought this book may give me an insight into the NHS and I wasn’t disappointed. Made me laugh like I’ve never laughed before whilst also being brutally honest and in places, heartbreaking. Didn’t put it down from the second I bought it and regret none of the time I spent reading it